海南鶏飯食堂 麻布店

海南鶏飯食堂 麻布店 Hawker-Style Asian Canteen

Address: 東京都港区六本木6-11-16 中銀マンション裏手
Tel: 03-5474-3200
Open hours: (Mon-Fri)
                 lunch /11:30-14:00
                 dinner /18:00-23:00 

                 lnch /11:30-15:00
                 dinner /18:00-23:00

Closed: 第3月曜日
Price: lunch 1000-2000yen
         dinner 2000yen-3000yen

My first experience at a Singaporean Restaurant 海南鶏飯食堂 located in Azabu Jyuban (麻布十番) was impressing.

My image of Singaporean food was somewhat like the other Asian food like Vietnamese or Thai food. Imagining the use of herbs and spice, the unique scent of fermented fish sauce and its spicy soup. They are nothing like what I am used to eating in Japanese food. However, I found Singaporean food being a little different.

Singapore being one of the biggest immigrant country in Asia, enables you to catch a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and even European culture. Very interesting. As I stand and look through the menu, I came across two interesting lunch menus being together. Steamed Chicken with Rice and Curry.
A white based entrance with a nice garden space like passage to the restaurant. A nice cozy bench to sit and relax in a busy situation. I was lucky enough to get a seat without waiting on a Saturday lunch. 


 As I walk toward the entrance of the restaurant, a mild scent of chicken broth rides upon the wind. A favorable impression to start my afternoon lunch.

Interior of the Restaurant
 White tiles and wooden tables, chairs. Simple and homey atmosphere is just what I need to enjoy its simply delicious food. 

an instruction of how to eat the Chicken Rice

 You know by first sight that the best recommended food is their Chicken Rice. On the table is an instruction of how to eat the Chicken Rice.

Chicken Rice and pickles on the side 900 yen
Steamed Chicken with Jasmine Rice cooked in Chicken broth, aside with pickles. It looks simple, but the more simple it gets; it is always hard to make it the best. It is always a pain to come across dry and hard steamed chicken, but this one was not at all. In fact, it was soft and tender. I was touched by the chicken rice. Cooked in chicken broth, it leaves a nice moist and soft touch of soup with a rich scent of chicken. Good balance of both. As I take the first bite, it reminded of a dish in Japanese food, 炊き込みご飯(steamed rice with vegetables, meat, and fish.)

Feel free to help yourself another serving of rice, as sauce and rice is open for free refills. Actually you would not have to bother asking the waiters to serve you more because they come around your table to ask for more sauce and rice. Service: well done.
Three kinds of sauce available
Now, let me briefly explain what the sauces are like. From the left is a soy sauce like sauce, but a bit thick and sweet. If I were to give an example of a similar sauce, it would be the Thai Seasoning Sauce. In the middle is a ginger sauce. Nice use of salt with a accent of spicy ginger to its simple taste. The right is what we all know the sweet chili sauce.

Personally, I liked the mixture of soy sauce and the ginger sauce. Again, it reminded me of the 油淋鶏 Yu Lin Chi sauce in Chinese food.  With a mixture of different culture, I felt like I made a trip all throuh Asia by eating just one dish.

I am willing to make another visit if I have the chance to stroll around Roppangi area. My next visit, I am going to try the curry, as I am curious of what spices they use in Singaporean curry. Feel and catch a glimpse of Singaporean culture. It is nothing like what you expect in other Asian culture.


Green Rooibos Tea & Matte Tea

Green Rooibos Tea & Matte Tea 


価格:2個/900円(karada factoryにて)

website: http://www.jp-greentea.co.jp/index.html ネット販売






noka table (dinner)

noka table (dinner)
神奈川県藤沢市南藤沢23-5 東ビル1F
tel: 0466-26-1535
open hours:11:30-14:30

closed: 火曜日(tuesday)
price: lunch 1000yen-2000yen
         dinner 3000yen-4000yen
website: 食べログ参照 http://r.tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1404/A140404/14030714/

My second visit to Noka Table was exactly what I have expected. Enjoy its nice and cozy atmosphere with simply healthy and delicious food, the only thing I ask for. I had actually made my first visit for lunch recently (http://ochazukedaisuki.blogspot.com/2011/09/noka-table.html) and was impressed with the use of vegetables. Not fully vegetarian, but myriads of vegetables used in every dish. I know you will like it by first bite:)

its nostalgic interior attracts people to relax and enjoy their wonderful dishes. Always nice to have a cozy atmosphere when you really want to savor their dish one by one. The dim lighting and the fancy wooden bar counter seems a special seat for the couples.

It is always nice to look through the unique and catchy calligraphic writings on the menu. Very original.

Homemade Ginger Ale
spicy and soothing scent of ginger and a hint of honey in the syrup with sparkling water. simple, always the best. A spicy inspiration down your throat, always a impressing moment. sparkling and soothing, but warming thanks to the ginger.

Salmon and Avocado Carpaccio with Seaweed
we all know salmon and avocado match, but with a pleasant accent of seaweed (海苔) makes it even better. With sprouts on the bottom with layers of salmon and avocado to follow, good combination of scallion and sesame oil blooms in your mouth.

sauteed sugar bean vine (豆苗), bacon, corn with soy sauce butter
Sugar bean vine not often seen in homemade cooking. Bean sprout like flavor, but a rich veggie taste. A bit grassy-smelling, but not unpleasant. It goes well with the rich flavor of butter and roasted scent of soy sauce. Then follows a pleasant sweetness of corn and salty accent of bacon. simple but tasty.

California roll
California Roll, made with cheese in substitute of tuna; somewhat different but tasty. The mellow touch of cheese that tuna does not have. With balsamic sauce and sesame like dressing at the bottom. Nice balance of sourness and the bold taste.

Tuna and Yam Carpaccio with dill and greens

The first impression of this dish you get is the crisp texture of Yam. Plenty of fresh potherb mustard 水菜, dill, tomatoes, and tuna. Good impression in texture, color and taste. Very fresh and light to make the last dish of the meal.

Looking and tasting the dishes one by one, it seemed so simple to imitate; but small precise shown creativity and originality. As simple as the dish gets, its harder to reach the exact same taste as sauce and ingredients can be delicate. Learning a lot of every visit I make here. I'm definitely making more visits here to learn more about the vegetables.